Not a Moment, but Forever.

Capturing the love that your tribe embodies

Bring your Love

Let's get together, jam out to your favorite music, dance with your babes, tickle, laugh and catch up like old friends. I want to capture the real, authentic you. That real belly laugh, a gleaming smile, the way you gaze into each others eyes, the love that exudes when you snuggle your littles. I want that! My goal is to encourage interaction, while making sure the details are in line. I aspire to create beautiful images that tell your story & radiate your spirit.

The artist behind the Heart

Hi, I'm Britt! I'm a beach-loving California native, who yearns for adventure and lives for Jesus. I am the wife of a remarkable man, who loves me for me, in all of my imperfections. There are two little voices who call me “Mommy”, they keep my heart full and my reflexes quick. We’ve called Dallas, TX home for the past 10 years, we’ve rooted in community and couldn’t imagine leaving any time soon. Classic rock, sushi, boushy coffee, a good bible study and travel fuels my inner soul. Life stories fascinate me, I want to hear all about your journey, perspectives and how you got here. Trust me, I'll ask! I always do. Small talk makes me extremely uncomfortable, I like to skip all that awkwardness get to the real stuff {quick}.
Come on, let's hang out! I'd love the opportunity to tell your story through my lens.

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